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'LADIES' CHOICE' Choose your colors and design your Vinter coat to suite your personality.


How to order your Vinter Coat?

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Shop Now

Shop a selection of ready-designed original Vinter coats modeled here with matching functional accessories and lining.

Original Vinter Long- Nordic Blue
Original Vinter Medium- Nordic Blue
Original Vinter Short- Nordic Blue
Original Vinter Long- Midnight Black
Original Vinter Medium- Midnight Black
Original Vinter Short- Midnight Black
Original Vinter Long- Storm Gray
Original Vinter Medium- Storm Gray
Original Vinter Short- Storm Gray
Original Vinter Long- Winter Camel
Original Vinter Medium- Winter Camel
Original Vinter Short- Winter Camel

Customize Yours

Start customizing your order. Make your selection with seven easy steps.

original Vinter

Make it your own

Influence your design with unlimited details and options. Book an appointment bellow.

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